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ACT! By Sage ACT! BY SAGE is the world's #1 selling contact and customer manager software. It organizes contact information, man- ages daily responsibilities, and manages commun- ications more effectively to improve productivity.
Sage ACT! Premium 2011


Just like you, many ACT! customers also considered Salesforce before making their final decision. After comparing both products, and the companies and partners behind them, they decided that ACT! provided a clear advantage for their businesses.

With over 20 years of experience focused on the specific needs of small businesses, as well as the most qualified partner channel in the industry, ACT! works collaboratively with you to provide exactly what you need, at the time when you need it most.

Here are a few key examples of how ACT! out performs Salesforce that will positively impact your business—and your bottom line.

  • For example you will find that a web based product is much more navigation intensive than a PC based system. If your team has to make a lot of calls, the web product may slow them down considerably.
  • Salesforce may look attractive in the beginning with its seemingly low, upfront cost. But over the lifetime of the solution, the cumulative charges for additional subscriptions, access, and basic services start to add up.
  • Salesforce charges you heavily as your requirements grow. You cannot mix and match editions. So, for example, Group Edition does not accommodate more than 5 users, and if you want to add a 6th, you are forced to jump subscription levels for all users and go from $25 per user per month for Group Edition to the $65.00 per user per month for Professional Edition—that’s over a 750% increase.
    • ACT! provides a simple pricing structure with one low cost up front with no nasty surprises down the line.
    • Here’s another number that may grab your attention. On average, a company with 25 ACT! users will save over $50,000 compared to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce is inflexible to changing business needs with lengthy contract terms, advance payment requirements, auto-renewals, price hikes, and no provisions for contract changes.
  • Salesforce limits you to only one access method to your critical customer data—on-demand over the Internet. Imagine your team at a complete stand-still while Salesforce is down due to service disruptions, upgrades, and Internet outages.
    • You choose what’s best for your business. ACT! can be accessed by users locally inside your network, from outside your network, with a remote syncing database or over the Web—whatever combination of access methods makes the most sense for your business.
  • Offline access is available beginning in the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce at a price of $125 per user per month and data storage is limited. After that, you will have to pay for additional storage.
    • Unlike Salesforce, ACT! gives you full flexibility and control over the usage and access of your software and customer data.
    • ACT! Premium allows users to continue using their application in the same, consistent manner offline as online, and will automatically synchronize when reconnected—all at no additional cost.
  • Salesforce has very few partners on the ground, and most specialize in larger-scale, enterprise deployments.
    • ACT! is supported by a nationwide network of ACT! Certified Consultants who offer on-the-ground, local advice and support for small businesses like yours in order to ensure that you get the very most out of your investment.

Before you get locked into a lengthy contract only to discover that Salesforce does not meet your basic needs without substantial upgrades and additional costs, consider that over 2.8 million business users decided that with ACT! the difference was clear.

  1. Myth: With Salesforce, you don’t have to install software.
    Reality: The no software mantra is a myth. If you need to integrate with Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, handhelds, or use off-line sync, you need to install separate programs for each process. You will need to enter a security token each time you connect.
  2. Myth: Salesforce Professional only costs $65 per month.
    Reality: You may enter a contract with the Professional Edition at $65/user/month, but you may soon realize that in order to have automated weekly backups performed, you need to upgrade to a higher edition at twice the cost. All of the management reports in Salesforce can be created with ACT! and Crystal Reports® – for less. You may get more reports in Salesforce out-of-the-box, but you definitely pay for it.
  3. Myth: Writing Letters in Salesforce is easy.
    Reality: 17 clicks to do a simple mail merge. The same process takes 8 clicks in ACT!
  4. Myth: I can use Salesforce to send mass e-mail campaigns.
    Reality: True, but with the Salesforce Professional Edition, your entire company can only send 500 per user per day. The Enterprise and Unlimited editions can send 1000, but that is the maximum.
  5. Myth: Salesforce gives me all of my data in the offline client.
    Reality: Not true. With the Salesforce offline client, you are limited to: 5,000 accounts, 4,000 leads, limited number of events.

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