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ACT! By Sage ACT! BY SAGE is the world's #1 selling contact and customer manager software. It organizes contact information, man- ages daily responsibilities, and manages commun- ications more effectively to improve productivity.
Sage ACT! Premium 2011


ACT! E-Marketing is a cloud-based e-mail marketing service that enables you to execute sophisticated campaigns, while leveraging and building on your existing ACT! data. ACT! E-Marketing intelligently and automatically reaches out to your ACT! contacts, runs e-mail marketing campaigns in minutes, and delivers results right to the ACT! contact record, saving you money by helping you focus on the right customers. With ACT! E-marketing solutions, you can capture leads with Web forms on your Web site, nurture those prospects automatically with Drip Marketing plans, and quickly identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list that tells you which prospects are most interested.


Our background includes:

  • E-mail marketing — Create striking e-mail templates to send to contacts, lookups, groups, and companies in ACT!.
  • Drip marketing — Create a series of e-mails that are delivered to ACT! contacts over a period of time, automatically.
  • Survey and Web forms — Gather valuable feedback from existing contacts so you can build and grow your ACT! database.
  • Marketing results tab — Use a ranked call list of the most interested contacts so you know who to call first.


Drip Marketing

ACT! E-marketing allows you to take all your leads - as well as your existing customers, and put them on marketing "tracks". These tracks provide for contacts to receive communications from you at designated intervals - driving more business for you. You are able to "touch" prospects and customers many more times and in a more consistent manner than you could before - it's like multiplying your sales force. And because many routine "touches" are handled by your system, sales people have more time to actually talk to customers and prospects.

ACTive Business Systems provides ACT! By Sage, software sales, installation, data conversion, customization, reporting and training throughout Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco. We consistently deliver professional, tailored results to hundreds of companies in the greater Bay Area.

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